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Who We Are

Capital select is a full service financial broking business.
Our aim is to find the financial solution that best fits your needs and specific to your situation. Whether that be a home loan or finance to help your business grow.
Capital Select has access to over 50 financial institutions, ranging from the major banks to second tier and non-conforming lenders.
Our expertise, experience and ability to think outside of the square will ensure that we find the solution that best fits your needs and helps to build your wealth.


Paul helped me navigate through the finance process.

We ended up using a 2nd tier bank that suited our situation, Paul put everything in place to make it as smooth a process as possible.


Paul was able to get me finance for my new home, this after I had already been knocked back by a bank. Paul went over and above to get the loan approved, nothing was too much trouble.


Our Promise

At Capital Select we are committed to providing solutions that are best suited to your on gong financial needs .

We are committed to providing cost effective solutions to our clients – partnering with our clients over the long term.

Flexibility and innovation is our catch cry, we will look outside of the square in order to get the job done.

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